Two friends Aurelia and Hannah are having a chat. Read the dialogue below and do the exercises.

Aurelia: Who's that boy over there, Hannah?

Hannah: That? Er, that's my brother, Jem.

Aurelia: Your brother?

Hannah: Yes, and that's his girlfriend Lucy. The pretty girl with the long, brown hair.

Aurelia: Oh right. So, you've got a brother?

Hannah: No, I've got two brothers. Jem and Alex.

Aurelia: Really? ... and ... how old is Alex?

Hannah: Alex and Jem are twins, they're both 15.

Aurelia: 15, mmm ... and does Alex look like Jem?

Hannah: They're exactly the same! They're both tall

and thin. They've both got short brown hair, green eyes and big ears!

Aurelia: They're not big, I think they're cute. And ...has Alex got a girlfriend?

Activity - Answer the questions

Use ideas from the text and write your own answers to the questions below.

a. What do you look like?


b. What kind of hair have you got?


c. What colour eyes have you got?


d. Are you happy with your appearance?

Why? Why not?


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